Opening: Chief Evangelist

The Opportunity


The human brain is the most powerful, complex object in the known universe. Nothing else is even close. It has allowed us to create language and technology and civilizations. It has enabled us to travel beyond our planet into space. But until recently, we didn’t know how our incredible brains worked.

Recent advances in neuroscience, however, have opened up exciting, amazing possibilities by showing that A) our brains are capable of more than we ever imagined, B) we can upgrade and improve our brains at will, and C) there are clear steps to implementing those upgrades in any area of our lives.

Throughout human history, we have advanced as a species through the improvement of two aspects of our lives: our physical health and the tools we use to interact with the world. A new era is beginning where humans will move on to leveraging and improving the most valuable asset in the known universe: our own brains.

The Polaris Institute has developed a groundbreaking method (the Polaris ProcessTM) and an initial community of practitioners who are exploring and capitalizing on the new frontier of human performance through this systematic application of the latest breakthroughs in brain science.

The Position


To date, the co-founders of Polaris Institute (Bill Troy, entrepreneur and innovator, and Anna Birch, global facilitator and group dynamics expert) have focused on program development and effectiveness. They have successfully piloted the Polaris ProcessTM with a sample of individuals, corporate teams, and CEO peer groups, with dramatic positive results. It’s now time to show the world what Polaris Institute can do. To accomplish this, Polaris Institute is seeking a strategic leader to take the role of “chief evangelist.”

The ideal person for this position is someone who is:

  • Experienced in bringing new concepts, programs or services to the marketplace
  • Extroverted, with a love of people and a belief in the potential of humanity
  • Wrestling with a feeling that they were meant to do/be more, believing that despite the success they’ve already had in life, the most impactful time of their life is still ahead
  • A results-oriented “driver” who relishes a big challenge
  • Able to be vulnerable, humble, and lead with authenticity
  • Good at telling stories from their own life experiences that engage people
  • A self-starter who loves injecting energy into an organization
  • A natural leader or “influencer” within their social circles, which may include business, industry, spiritual, government/community, social club, political/advocacy groups, etc.
  • A listener with good EQ, the ability to read a situation, and adjust accordingly
  • Comfortable in a variety of social groups and settings
  • At a point in life where money, while always important, is not the primary motivator for working—to instead be looking for impact and meaning from one’s work


The Impact


The person who fills this role for Polaris Institute will be a part of a special opportunity, including:

  • Doing work with meaning and purpose…finding an answer to the question “why was I here?”
  • Being involved in the application of the latest advances in neuroscience
  • The opportunity to do work that is fulfilling and rewarding from a spiritual perspective
  • Being a part of something with the potential to literally change the world
  • The chance to grow personally while helping others
  • Being part of a high functioning, low drama, team
  • Being a leader in a community of people who are doing amazing things
  • Having a dramatically positive impact on individual people’s lives
  • Seeing how the impact they have on individuals spreads out to positively impact the families and communities that those people are a part of
  • Building something new from the very beginning as an original founder
  • Being a part of something that will garner media attention for being such a cutting edge, innovative organization


To Inquire

Interested? If so, contact us and include a couple of sentences each about why this position is a great fit for you and why you are a great fit for the position.

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