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Polaris Institute for Teams

Neuroscience reveals that you are blind to opportunities and threats hiding in plain sight. We’ll prove it is true. Then, we will show you how to consistently identify and capitalize on them.

Team Experiences

The Types of Changes That Are Possible

Opening up new opportunities

The human brain is designed to look for patterns it already knows. This means we are often blind to things we haven't seen before, even if they are right in front of us. The Polaris ProcessTM can bring those things to light.

Creativity and problem solving

Every person has a unique "reality," based on the life experiences encoded in their brain. Unleashing those different realities can break open unheard of levels of team ideation and solution generation.

Team cohesion and effectiveness

The wiring we each have around fundamental concepts like teamwork, success, or value can vary dramatically from person to person. The Polaris Institute can illuminate issues and bring a team together like never before.

Magnetic company culture

Polaris Institute can help the differences in team members move from creating friction to being a team of superheroes, where each member has a unique superpower they bring to bear just when it's needed by the team.

What Kind of Team Do You Have?

No matter what kind of team you have, a Polaris PerspectivesTM workshop will open up performance and possibilities like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Unlock the potential in your team with a half, full, or two-day event.


Watch completely new perspectives and competitive advantages open up right in front of you when your team experiences the power of a Polaris PerspectivesTM workshop.


Leadership teams are often like all-star teams, where each member is a high performer in their own right. There is nothing like a Polaris workshop to get all-star teams aligned.


From YPO to EO to Vistage and more, forum peer groups who are serious about life performance have been blown away by sessions with the Polaris Institute.

Success Stories

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