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Polaris Institute for Individuals

In the last ten years, neuroscience has opened up new understanding and possibilities for taking charge of our lives and making them what we want them do be.

Individual Experiences

The Types of Changes That Are Possible

Finding and pursuing purpose

"Is this all there is?" "Is there nothing more?" These are the kinds of questions many Polaris Institute participants explore to discover new possibilities.

Changing difficult relationships

"They drive me nuts." "We just cannot get along." Polaris Institute members are often able to change those dynamics in difficult relationships in their lives.

Breaking out of ruts

"No matter what I try, it always ends the same." Breaking free of infinitely repeating life patterns is a common objective for many Polaris Institute participants.

Rewiring negative impulses

"I wish I could stop _____. "Why do I always ____?" Identifying and rewiring emotional blocks or negative drivers is a frequent goal of Polaris Institute participants.

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