The brain science of forum success

Same Forum,
Just Deeper.

You believe in forum. You love your forum mates. But you wish there was a way to go deeper and unlock even more value from your forum experience. Now there is.


Polaris Institute for Forums is based on the latest neuroscience and created by forum leaders with over fifty years of YPO and EO forum leadership experience.

Best Year of Forum Ever

Start with an in-person, professionally facilitated workshop. We’ll lead your forum through a deep, brain science-based exploration of a foundational life theme (see examples below). Each member will leave with a new suite of skills and tools to apply to their life that will enhance forum topics and presentations.


Then, participate in facilitated virtual sessions with your forum each quarter to provide accountability and continue to connect the insights gathered on your retreat to each member’s individual, yearlong forum journey.

Example Themes

The Polaris for Forums program focuses on a capacity-building, foundational theme. These themes are designed to give every forum member a strong, underlying framework to support their tactical journey through the year.


Reimagine important interpersonal connections


Figure out why you are here

and shift your life in that direction

emotional resilience

Bounce back faster and stronger from setbacks and challenges

Quotes From Forum Leaders Who Have
Experienced the Polaris ProcessTM

Creators and Facilitators

Designed and run by forum experts with over 50 years of experience building, training, and leading peer group forums

Anna Birch


Global YPO, EO, and Fortune 500 corporate facilitator

Bill Troy


20+ year EO leader, Vistage speaker, and author

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